marți, 28 decembrie 2010


This is a post dedicated to one of my favorite birds,owl.

Those birds are so quiet.They pay atenttion to everything.
And when they attack they are silent & fast.

I am obviously a hilariouse motherfucker.

Having a different opinion it doesn't make me a fake.Society is fucked up.

sâmbătă, 25 decembrie 2010

She's not there.I've killed her.

Noticing that today is 25th of december it kinda makes me thoughtful.How much I've changed since 2007.How fast time passes.You don't even notice when.
Wondering that in twelve years I'm going to wake up in a morning telling myself that once I was a child,a teenager...And when I'l die I'll think that I had a good life,being thanked.

vineri, 17 decembrie 2010


Sooo,I'm really happy that it's snowing *makes childish face*.We'll have a white Christmas!(I'm really not religiouse,but I celebrate Christmas because I can relax and do some things that I can't do during school.)

Here are some photos taken today:

vineri, 10 decembrie 2010

Mind fails first

I am your nightmare,hauting you.A poison runing throught your venis.


I've been listening this song for more than 3 days.Nightwish...with Anette Ozlon as the vocalist.I like her,but I love Tarja :) I don't have why to hate Anette and also Tarja has a happy solo carrer.
I think that the message of this song & video is the fact that people can be good,but they are too narrow minded to think like this.(I mean...they are burning the angel because they don't believe in it..even they are seeing it)

joi, 2 decembrie 2010