joi, 20 ianuarie 2011

MaYaN !

For whom doesn't have any idea whom/what is MaYaN~>MaYaN is Mark Jansen's new band...and a few details were revealed a few days ago.
And Mark said that it wouldn't be so different from Epica(lyrical I mean) because it's his own style of writing.
I'm excited of course,look at that people working on it!!

The new band MaYaN with many Epica members involved will release their debut album: Quarterpast on the 20th of May 2011.
The 7 singers on this album will be:
Mark Jansen: grunts & screams, Arien van Weesenbeek: grunts, Jack Driessen: screams, Floor Jansen (ReVamp, ex-After Forever), Simone Simons(Epica), Henning Basse (Sons of Seasons) and the revelation and one of the biggest Italian Opera talents, named Laura Macrì.

MaYaN will upload every day a new movie about the vocal recording sessions.
Let's kick off with Floor Jansen! Check her out at: MaYaN on Youtube!

MaYaN live on stage (with Simone Simons and Henning Basse):
nl13-05-2011BaroegRotterdamThe Netherlands
nl14-05-2011EscapeVeenendaalThe Netherlands
nl19-05-2011ParadisoAmsterdamThe Netherlands
nl20-05-2011AtakEnschedeThe Netherlands
nl21-05-2011RomeinLeeuwardenThe Netherlands
nl26-05-2011EffenaarEindhovenThe Netherlands
nl27-05-2011DoornroosjeNijmegenThe Netherlands

joi, 13 ianuarie 2011

The Obsessive Devotion

I'll start with the fact that I have an Epica ticket at their show in Romania.Here's the proof x)

I know I have like 'At WTF are you looking?' but the truth is I'm happy x)
Please ignore the clown in my bacj,it stays there for more than two years xD

I can't wait,me feeling so excited XD And I hope I'll get a backstage pass from Arien.I heard he's nice.
Now I have to wait.The fact is that I've sent him an e-mail when it was 7th january and they have the show here on 29th march(well,I've noticed that it's 7th january after sending it,I know I'm silly xD )

Aaaaannnddd I wanna present mah new desktop wallpaper *-*

I know it's not a new pic,but it simply kills me *-*

vineri, 7 ianuarie 2011

Fuck yeah \m/

Epica...Bucuresti...Romania.Cat am asteptat clipa asta!Martie,29,2011 va fi cea mai epica zi din viata mea! xD
Sunt nerabdatoare si inca socata de faptul ca vin aici.Asta e un semn ca Romania incepe sa evolueze din punctul asta de vedere.Sper ca anii viitori sa mai vina aici desi nu cred ca o sa le placa zgomotosul si aglomeratul Bucuresti,la ARTmania in Sibiu ar fi fost mai fain,atat ei cat si noi am fi avut ceva mai mult de vazut. :))
Cu toate acestea,sunt recunoascatoare ca au ales Romania ca tara sa concerteze anul asta \m/ si o sa ma
duc,tinand cont de faptul ca mama pare dispusa sa cheltuie cu asta sume obsecene de bani,o sa profit de situatie :)) si poate...primesc un primesc perims backstage de la Arien...sper ca da xD

marți, 4 ianuarie 2011

Something pointless...for some of you.

Let's start with the fact that today we are supposed to go to school....and I don't want to.I don't want to live in city at all.I'm really sick of seeing the same people and walking on the same streets every single fucking day(excepting holidays)...I'm a quiet person usually,I don't like to talk about something useless and that doesn't reprezents any interest to me...and when I talk about something seriously they laugh at me saying that I shouldn't think about this and do what's notmal for a 16 years old to do.WTF am I supposed to do?If I'm quiet that doesn't means I'm stupid and superficial.I dislike most of people I know in real life because I used to stand for them and they had backstabed me.This is why I really care about some people I've never meet.
I'm not painting the reallity,just to look better.I'm facing it just in the way it really is.