marți, 22 februarie 2011

Concertul Epica aproape sold-out(?)

Confrom spuselor celor de la ARTmania mai sunt disponibile doar 100 de bilete.Clubul e aproape over-capacity ,concertul asta creand isterie printre impatimitiilor -inclusive eu :)) -

~ le poster ~

miercuri, 16 februarie 2011

My eyes are tired of seeing the same shit everyday.

This post is a rant.

I'm really sick of this life I live,of this fucking everything!It pisses me so badly the ignorance and the fucked up society's standars.I'm sure I'll have a mental illness one day.

Photo taken from Tumblr.

vineri, 11 februarie 2011

Why do I have to bleed and pay for others' greed?

Today in the kitchen I was talking with my father about the recent shit that happend with 'the publican who were talking bribes'OK,considering the fact that this is just a fetish,we started to discus about the president of Romania and his prime-minister and the fact they have sold EVERY SINGLE FUCKING RESUORCE  Romania had.And we had a pretty big amount,considering that Romania has all forms of relief.We had two fleets,both sold.One of them was appreciated all over Europe.We had a large industry,agriculture and EVERYTHING was sold to foreign companies + the fact that prices/taxes are growing(or simply said exploding) and the salaries,pensions,allowances are getting low.How the holy fuck they are excepting us to pay the bills(which are also growing) and to remain money for our needs?!
Returning back at Romania's president,he said in an interview that his salary of 1.110 euros is too low as being a president and he doesn't accept to go at meetings with constums which are moth.K,when he was asked from which brands he buys his costumes he said two(I can not exactly remember what of them were) which the price of a costum is between 2.000 and 3.000 euros and above all he donates...and he says he doesn't has money.But the fleet where it is?WHERE THE FUCK IS THE FUCKING FLEET?!

We will eat eacother,we will kill eachother for a slice of bread and a bottle of water.


Note:Please excuse the speeling/grammar mistakes,but I'm so annoyed when I think about this.