miercuri, 16 februarie 2011

My eyes are tired of seeing the same shit everyday.

This post is a rant.

I'm really sick of this life I live,of this fucking everything!It pisses me so badly the ignorance and the fucked up society's standars.I'm sure I'll have a mental illness one day.

Photo taken from Tumblr.

4 comentarii:

  1. Dammit, totally understand you.
    Society sux for doing everything their own way. That didnt sound right, but the point is that "those standards" are just a big shit. They are just stopping every1 for being whoever they wanna be.
    SO again, totally understand you.
    P.s.: Pics are creepy x.x

    [P.P.s.: My english is really rusty @ this time, so me hopes you understand ^^]

  2. People/society try to suffocate those who are different.
    Haha,I really like the photo.My eyes will be like that one day,I'm sure XD
    I can understand you,your english is good ;)

  3. Dammit, about your eyes beeing like that one day.. Me hopes not =))
    Damn, it's creepy! =))

  4. For me doesn't matters so much.
    You think it's creepy,but I really like it =))