luni, 29 noiembrie 2010

"Fuck tiredness,let's play some more"

My voice is gone,my neck is hurting and above all I look like a dead body,but EPICA’s live stream concert wassss SSSOOOO FUCKING AWESOMEEEEEE! It deserves this fucking unsleept night and how my body is right now!
And Simone,baby,you’re made of AWESOMENESS!

joi, 25 noiembrie 2010

Insanity is all around us

I am so sick of this world...I'm fed up.All I want is to go home and stay in my room.I want to be alone,I have the right to!
I'm sick of people.They are always superficial.I will never be what they expect me to be.

Within Temptation,one of my favorite bands! <3
In this song,they are talking about the World War 2.But an idiot commented that this is about Satan and people today are atheists because they don't accept the fact that God is real and they are trying to convert us back and we also deserve to burn in Hell for this.
Why we deserve eternal torture for an unproved concept?And we,the atheist don't like to be tooked as people who are worshiping satan.Satan is made by religion,and in religion we don't believe.
People can be so idiot.
PS:Forgive my mistakes,I am a bit annoyed.

luni, 22 noiembrie 2010


I want to learn how to put logic above emotion.I want my heart to become stoned.

You know my name,not my story.Don't judge me.

duminică, 21 noiembrie 2010

vineri, 19 noiembrie 2010

Innocence died when they took her mind.

Just argued with my mother.I was awful.No,not my mom,she hasn't done anything badly.I was.I had screamed instead of speaking,and I usualy don't do this.
I know that  in the last time I have becomed selfish,violent and I have lost contact with the persons that were close to me.I'm screaming instead of speaking.I'm my own enemy now ("I won't show mercy on you now!)

miercuri, 17 noiembrie 2010

Denken Over Het Leven

In the darkness of my room,sitying on my bed.I was thinking about life genraly and my life.
Sometimes,I can't see anything good in this life.Nothing.Past will always haunt me.I know that present it matters,that future may have surprizes that don't have anything to do with what happened.But present is also influenced by past.I aslo know that you have to fight,but I am sick of people telling me that I have no future,that I'm nothing.I'm sick of being judged like a its cover.
The bad times that I'm going throught are slowly passing,pricking my skin,my flesh.Torture.Pain.Sorrow.
"Searching for what she can't find
For her own peace of mind

She can't forgive, nor forget the past
These ineffable feelings and hurt that last evermore"

luni, 15 noiembrie 2010


"Listen, respect each other.
Then you'll discover it mustn't always end in hate.
It's not too late for mercy"

luni, 8 noiembrie 2010

Twitter and TweetDeck's crazyness.

Ok,first I have thought that TweetDeck is insane when I saw that Simone Simons has just a tweet o.o
But...Simone has over 1.800 tweets.
And when I had singed in on twitter,the same things was showing
And a second ago it showed me that I have just 322.WTF?!I have over 5.600 tweets :| preapred people because Twitter can also get you  "rid" you of some tweets! :))

duminică, 7 noiembrie 2010

Confession time

I feel bad...I'm depressive.Every single day I have to feel streightless,abandonated pissed off.Pissed off by everyone-school,family,friends.Sick(not mentaly...yet).Tired...of this shit called life that I live.I wish that I could have somebody to talk...but most of them are superficial and not even try to see the real essence of things...I wish thatI could go in mountains,far and alone for a while,to clear my mind,to think seriously at some things...

The end of the time,when sands will pull down the last hope
When everything will die
The end of our struggle,when peace will rise again
Nothing will count then.
Life is hard,death is peaceful...

marți, 2 noiembrie 2010

The Drug

I have deicided to share with you the song that is my drug for more than a week...
Click here to see it...

 "Fold to my arms
Hold their mesmeric sway
And dance out to the moon
As we did in those golden days"