marți, 28 decembrie 2010


This is a post dedicated to one of my favorite birds,owl.

Those birds are so quiet.They pay atenttion to everything.
And when they attack they are silent & fast.

I am obviously a hilariouse motherfucker.

Having a different opinion it doesn't make me a fake.Society is fucked up.

sâmbătă, 25 decembrie 2010

She's not there.I've killed her.

Noticing that today is 25th of december it kinda makes me thoughtful.How much I've changed since 2007.How fast time passes.You don't even notice when.
Wondering that in twelve years I'm going to wake up in a morning telling myself that once I was a child,a teenager...And when I'l die I'll think that I had a good life,being thanked.

vineri, 17 decembrie 2010


Sooo,I'm really happy that it's snowing *makes childish face*.We'll have a white Christmas!(I'm really not religiouse,but I celebrate Christmas because I can relax and do some things that I can't do during school.)

Here are some photos taken today:

vineri, 10 decembrie 2010

Mind fails first

I am your nightmare,hauting you.A poison runing throught your venis.


I've been listening this song for more than 3 days.Nightwish...with Anette Ozlon as the vocalist.I like her,but I love Tarja :) I don't have why to hate Anette and also Tarja has a happy solo carrer.
I think that the message of this song & video is the fact that people can be good,but they are too narrow minded to think like this.(I mean...they are burning the angel because they don't believe in it..even they are seeing it)

joi, 2 decembrie 2010

luni, 29 noiembrie 2010

"Fuck tiredness,let's play some more"

My voice is gone,my neck is hurting and above all I look like a dead body,but EPICA’s live stream concert wassss SSSOOOO FUCKING AWESOMEEEEEE! It deserves this fucking unsleept night and how my body is right now!
And Simone,baby,you’re made of AWESOMENESS!

joi, 25 noiembrie 2010

Insanity is all around us

I am so sick of this world...I'm fed up.All I want is to go home and stay in my room.I want to be alone,I have the right to!
I'm sick of people.They are always superficial.I will never be what they expect me to be.

Within Temptation,one of my favorite bands! <3
In this song,they are talking about the World War 2.But an idiot commented that this is about Satan and people today are atheists because they don't accept the fact that God is real and they are trying to convert us back and we also deserve to burn in Hell for this.
Why we deserve eternal torture for an unproved concept?And we,the atheist don't like to be tooked as people who are worshiping satan.Satan is made by religion,and in religion we don't believe.
People can be so idiot.
PS:Forgive my mistakes,I am a bit annoyed.

luni, 22 noiembrie 2010


I want to learn how to put logic above emotion.I want my heart to become stoned.

You know my name,not my story.Don't judge me.

duminică, 21 noiembrie 2010

vineri, 19 noiembrie 2010

Innocence died when they took her mind.

Just argued with my mother.I was awful.No,not my mom,she hasn't done anything badly.I was.I had screamed instead of speaking,and I usualy don't do this.
I know that  in the last time I have becomed selfish,violent and I have lost contact with the persons that were close to me.I'm screaming instead of speaking.I'm my own enemy now ("I won't show mercy on you now!)

miercuri, 17 noiembrie 2010

Denken Over Het Leven

In the darkness of my room,sitying on my bed.I was thinking about life genraly and my life.
Sometimes,I can't see anything good in this life.Nothing.Past will always haunt me.I know that present it matters,that future may have surprizes that don't have anything to do with what happened.But present is also influenced by past.I aslo know that you have to fight,but I am sick of people telling me that I have no future,that I'm nothing.I'm sick of being judged like a its cover.
The bad times that I'm going throught are slowly passing,pricking my skin,my flesh.Torture.Pain.Sorrow.
"Searching for what she can't find
For her own peace of mind

She can't forgive, nor forget the past
These ineffable feelings and hurt that last evermore"

luni, 15 noiembrie 2010


"Listen, respect each other.
Then you'll discover it mustn't always end in hate.
It's not too late for mercy"

luni, 8 noiembrie 2010

Twitter and TweetDeck's crazyness.

Ok,first I have thought that TweetDeck is insane when I saw that Simone Simons has just a tweet o.o
But...Simone has over 1.800 tweets.
And when I had singed in on twitter,the same things was showing
And a second ago it showed me that I have just 322.WTF?!I have over 5.600 tweets :| preapred people because Twitter can also get you  "rid" you of some tweets! :))

duminică, 7 noiembrie 2010

Confession time

I feel bad...I'm depressive.Every single day I have to feel streightless,abandonated pissed off.Pissed off by everyone-school,family,friends.Sick(not mentaly...yet).Tired...of this shit called life that I live.I wish that I could have somebody to talk...but most of them are superficial and not even try to see the real essence of things...I wish thatI could go in mountains,far and alone for a while,to clear my mind,to think seriously at some things...

The end of the time,when sands will pull down the last hope
When everything will die
The end of our struggle,when peace will rise again
Nothing will count then.
Life is hard,death is peaceful...

marți, 2 noiembrie 2010

The Drug

I have deicided to share with you the song that is my drug for more than a week...
Click here to see it...

 "Fold to my arms
Hold their mesmeric sway
And dance out to the moon
As we did in those golden days"

vineri, 29 octombrie 2010

I'm not dead and The Netherlands flag

First thing:I know I haven't posted for a while but I'm not dead,I'm just busy & out of ideas.
The second:
While I was waiting to came back at my PC,I was painting,and this is what camed out when I had no idea what to paint xD

Happy Halloween! xD

Happy earlier Halloween for everyone!have fun people and be careful with candies! xD
Please,Simone,drink my blood,not the glass!

marți, 19 octombrie 2010

Photos III xD

Yeah,I know,my 3rd post with photos ^^

Clouds :)

6 am.(pink,pink,pink oO)

The path of life is never sure...


Who wants some stone fruits? xD
 From The Peles Castle,Romania :)

After rain :)

Clouds,again ^^

luni, 11 octombrie 2010

We Are The Fallen

Firstly,I thought about them that they are a copy of Ev...but after listening today this i had totally changed my mind *-* They are really different!
This song druged me *-*
Carly ROCKS! \m/>.<\m/

sâmbătă, 2 octombrie 2010

Photos II

As I said,photography is one of my hobbies and I can say that i am pretty good at it :)

Gosh,the sky was so PINK! o.O

This is the most strangest photo I ever taken!I mean,no clouds!

Oh,this cluds look like little pies*drools*
I love the apple pie so much! :3

vineri, 1 octombrie 2010


Everyone starts its life with nothing and with nothing we end it.In the end,we forgot and forgive everything ,because it doesn't matters is shit sometimes,but sometimes it can be field with never ending happiness...a true thing,what is beautiful is not lasting as we passes so fast and you don't even realize that you were happy.Life is like a puzzle,pieces will miss from it,being incomplete...Memories...oh,sweet painful memories that lasts in our hearts,untill the end...memories that we think we forgot...they are deep in our mind,deep in the darkness of your thoughts,hauting you,never leting you go...(some poetry I think) When the moon is rising and the night sky is clear you can see the real yourself,weak and lost...and when it rains,you can stop yourself from falling into the maddness,into the darkness...Silent tears,faked by the rain drops,will never be seen,never be can't use your mask too much,you will fall in the same light that has created you...and you'll dissapear...back to nonexistence.

I know it is weird...just like me xD

vineri, 24 septembrie 2010


I don't know why I want to smoke Marijuana so badly in the last two weeks :\

Something,I just can't take it anymore and normal cigarets are not enough to help me go throught :|

And between,this is funny :))

marți, 21 septembrie 2010

Twitter got hacked!

That was crazy :\ It is the first time for me when I experiment a twitter was so crazy,but my luck was that I had TweetDeck ;) It's so useful in this kind of situations :)
Here is a screenshot of the homepage when I realized what has really happening(I thought that my PC is guilty)

sâmbătă, 18 septembrie 2010


!!!! Press the link before reading
I'm so glad that the weekend is here...I had a very busy week of school...and it's just the first one!I don't wanna imagine what will  be in the future!And outside it's so sunny for an autumn day :( I want rain...

miercuri, 15 septembrie 2010


FCK IT!FCK IT !FUCK IT!!!!MY phone is broken :( and I can't photos anymore...I have to mention that the camera that I used I don't have it's broken also :(
Plus that my Physics teacher is a BASTARD!!!!All those 2 classes that we had some far I staied stet in my layer and I was looking only at her because she was looking only at me X_X.She was looking at me like I was an alienX_X 

luni, 13 septembrie 2010


Am gasit melodia asta pe youtube ce pot sa zic...nimic mai adevarat.Copii din ziua de astazi nu stiu sa aprecieze ceea ce primesc...spun asta uitandu-ma la sora mea...are conditii MULT mai bune decat am avut eu la varsta ei (are 10 ani ea) si se plange ca nu are strictul pot sa zic ca are lux ea,dar are ceea ce eu nu am avut.

duminică, 12 septembrie 2010

The Legend Of The Seeker

I saw yesterday night the 1st and the last three episodes from the 2nd season of the Legend Of  The Seeker :) I can say it were good,because I saw what I liked :D
I wish that I could see the rest of the episodes,but school is starting tomorrow and I won't be at PC as I was this summer =\

sâmbătă, 11 septembrie 2010


Multumesc din tot sufletul Crisiei ptr acest ptr acest premiu:

Dau mai departe:Andreei,Nathy,Zoe,Alina:D

 10 lucruri care imi plac:

1-Simone Simons <333


3-Amanda Somerville


5-facutul pozelor

6-noptile albe :)))


8-cautatul imaginilor


10-Zedge :)))


Cât e ceasul?
Numele tău este?
Pisi;Strengarita :)))
Ai tatuaje?
Nu dar as vrea unulcu Simone Simons pe tot spatele <3 si unul mai micut pe mana dreapta,tot cu Simone <33 xD
Culoarea ochilor?
Cel drept capriu si cel stang verde :)))
Locul în care te-ai născut?
Mâncare favorită?
Ai fost vreodată în USA?
Ai înfășurat vreodată pe cineva cu hârtie igienică? vrea eu:))
Ai iubit pe cineva atat de mult încât să-ți vină să plângi?
Cred ca da:))
Zi favorită din săptămână?
Resturant favorit?
Ce sport îți place să urmărești?
Nu urmaresc sport
Băutura favorită?
Înghetața favorită?
Ciocolata !
Walt Disney sau Warner Bros?
:-? ..Warner Bros
Ce culoare are dormitorul vostru?
Alb spre verde o.O
De câte ori ai copiat la vreun examen?
:) )))))
În care magazin ai fi cheltuit toți banii de pe card?
 In magazinul online de pe site'ul Epica :)) <3

Ce faci de obicei când te plictisești?
Stazu pe twitter :))
La ce ora mergi la culcare?
In ultima perioada cam pe la 22:30-23
Cine o să răspundă prima/primul la leapșa asta?
Cine vrea.
Ce program tv nu pierzi niciodata?
Ultima persoană cu care ai luat masa la restaurant?
Ce asculți în momentul ăsta?
Epica-Ombra Mai Fu(live)
Care e culoarea preferată?
Mare sau lac?
Câte tatuaje ai?
nu am baaah
Ai rămas vreodată fără benzină la mașină?
Ce preferi pisica sau cățel?
Ce anotimp preferi: vara sau iarna?
Esti solo?
Esti îndrăgostită de cineva?
Cât e ceasul?
Mi-am petrecut cea mai frumoasă vacanță în …Constanta 
Cel mai de preț lucru pe care îl am sunt…mah mom <3 si pc'ul :))))
Îmi bate inima tare atunci când… am emoții si obosesc:))
Când sunt suparată, întotdeauna… incerc sa vorbesc si cu filozofez despre viata
Cand mă îndrăgostesc… visez mult
Cea mai fericită am fost atunci când… am fost de mai multe ori fericita..cred ca atunci cand am reusit la engleza..:))
Nu spun niciodată NU propunerii de a…manca seminte Nutline
Prietenii spun despre mine că sunt …amuzanta & dura :))
Dacă ziua de mâine n-ar mai exista, azi aș…petrece ziua de azi cum as vrea eu :D
Cel mai tare mă enervez atunci când…sunt ignoarata
Cel mai mult ma mândresc cu…pozele mele[cand fac]
Cel mai frumos cadou pe care l-am primit a fost…hmmm nu st'u :-??
Nu aș renunța niciodată la…PC'ul meu :)))
Cel mai bun prieten este… cel care nu-ti critica visele
O zi este perfectă atunci când…toti ne intelegem bine :)

miercuri, 8 septembrie 2010

Haha,let's talk about today xD

Well,I waked up at 10 am I think,and not so long after I goed with my mom and my little sister at shopping for schools(pens,notebooks and stuffs like this),I ate cake xD (my niece's birthday),and after that back home at my PC<3...Seraching on Google at "Images" for Simone Simons<3 I found one with Amanda Somerville..i like her :).Seraching trought YT for some Epica live shows I found a duet-Amanda&Simone- *-* Two metal godesses<3
But...I am kinda angry because I can't find Amanda's last album "Windows" on torrent <_< ...I hope I will find them on ...I am asking myself,what happend when Amanda left the band?I think she wanted a solo career because I see that she is nice with Simone...I mean she was the Epica vocalist...
I'd ask Simone about this but I have to reasons why I don't do it:
1.I think she won't reply.
2.I feel a bit shy *blush*
I saw yesterday (or two days ago? i don't remmeber right now) in what countries will have the next tour Epica...and no Romania :(.Hungary it's close,very close,I hope I'll catch a ticket :( but at least,I'll have new live photos :D


I love to take photos,but this is just a hobby.My photos are not so good,I can say I'm an amateur+I use a sh.itty Samsung i450 for taking photos.
Here are some :)
A part of the block of flats whre I live:)


I was at country side,and walking on the street back "home" I saw this cloud "rising".It's uneditated :)

6 AM.Oh yes,the water that is on the road is practicaly rising from it :)).
And about 6 AM,I haven't waked up then,I was already waked of my white nights :)

sâmbătă, 4 septembrie 2010

Lord of the Rings...and the vuvuzels=))

Haha well,it's 03:03 am and I am sleepless :)) So I was looking on youtube for "Lord Of The Rings" and I found this
It's really funny,even I am a fan of "The Lord Of The Rings"
Watch it ;)


I don't know why I feel manipulated...I feel numb...strengthless...blind :|

vineri, 3 septembrie 2010


Sometimes many thoughts are in my mind.Thoughts about...almost everything :)) But one of them are so deep..for example now I think at past...and how it influenced me..and in the next moment i think at the essence of a personal opinion,i don't think at this "essence" as an uiversal one,i think that every person has in its soul...for some people the essence of life is their carrer,for others their family...and for another ones both.

I know,weird things I've wrote...but at least,they are mine:))

Just a walk...

Today I could in the end to take a walk outdoor,the weather was lovely now in the evening so I called a friend of mine:)
Everything was super-ok,we was in park ,we ate ice-cream,crisps(chips if you are american) we talked about our things :) and on our way home,I met my ex english teacher from the 6th-8th grade!<3333
I'm really glad for this,she was a very important influence for me,because of her I am what I am today,the person that I am today,almost 90% what I know I kow from her!
I'm just glad<3

A sunny day of autumn

Yes,and the title it's not wrong.
It's really sunny for september and I really don't like it....
I want storn,clouds,rain,thunders,i want that sad weather that I expect it all summer!

Muzica :)

Formatie preferata:Epica<3
Stil muzical:Metal Simfonic
Cateva informatii despre ei gasiti aici :,
Bandaaa,banda ca banda,dar vocalista Simone Simons,O IUBESC<333
Personalitatea ei,vocea ei,fizicul ei,felul cum simte muzica,modul in care tine legatura cu fanii m'au facut sa o IUBESC<3
Mai jos este un acoustic,din DVD'ul "We Will Take You With Us"
stiu ca dureaza 14 minute si ceva,dar merita ascultat<3


M'am gandit sa imi fac si eu blog :))
Ma gandesc ca e un loc f bun de a'ti pune gandurile...:D


Status: nerăbdătoare :))
Locaţie: pe scaun :)
Mănânc: nothing :D
Beau: nimic :-j
Sunt îmbrăcată în: pijamale :D
Ascult: Epica-Blank Infinity(live)
Privesc: ecranu` :D
Status mess:  Don't you ever blame me,don't you trick my mind!Don't you think you can lie to me!
Vorbesc pe mess cu: nimeni :-j
Citesc: exact ce scriu :))
Mă gândesc la: nimic :D
Dating: nimeni :)
Doresc: multe :)) :x
Iubesc pe:nimeni:))
Nervoasă pe: nimeni momentan :))
Urăsc pe: : " Gâsca"
Îmi lipseşte: eee:-j
Abia aştept să: Inceapa scoala :x