joi, 25 noiembrie 2010

Insanity is all around us

I am so sick of this world...I'm fed up.All I want is to go home and stay in my room.I want to be alone,I have the right to!
I'm sick of people.They are always superficial.I will never be what they expect me to be.

Within Temptation,one of my favorite bands! <3
In this song,they are talking about the World War 2.But an idiot commented that this is about Satan and people today are atheists because they don't accept the fact that God is real and they are trying to convert us back and we also deserve to burn in Hell for this.
Why we deserve eternal torture for an unproved concept?And we,the atheist don't like to be tooked as people who are worshiping satan.Satan is made by religion,and in religion we don't believe.
People can be so idiot.
PS:Forgive my mistakes,I am a bit annoyed.

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