miercuri, 17 noiembrie 2010

Denken Over Het Leven

In the darkness of my room,sitying on my bed.I was thinking about life genraly and my life.
Sometimes,I can't see anything good in this life.Nothing.Past will always haunt me.I know that present it matters,that future may have surprizes that don't have anything to do with what happened.But present is also influenced by past.I aslo know that you have to fight,but I am sick of people telling me that I have no future,that I'm nothing.I'm sick of being judged like a book...by its cover.
The bad times that I'm going throught are slowly passing,pricking my skin,my flesh.Torture.Pain.Sorrow.
"Searching for what she can't find
For her own peace of mind

She can't forgive, nor forget the past
These ineffable feelings and hurt that last evermore"

3 comentarii:

  1. si eu sunt asa..cateodata..

  2. deci ador :X
    ador faptul ca scrii in engleza, ador faptul ca te descarci in engleza. ador totul! :X
    si ultimele fraze sunt geniale :x

  3. @Crisia e bine ca uneori.
    @Nathy aww thanks >:D< :x
    ultimele fraze sunt versuri iar ca "can't" e un link. ;)