miercuri, 30 martie 2011

Epica gig in Bucharest

As I said,I went to the Epica gig in Bucharest.We(me and my mom X) ) leaved my hometown at 2 pm and we were in Bucharest at 4.30 pm.We were supposed to reach the club around 5 pm,but because we lost there,we were there at 5.30 pm.Being there I realised that it’s a bit too late to stalk them,so I gave up on this idea.I kind of regret that I didn’t went there ealier,they(Epica) were outside at their fans before the show.I waited in the front of the venue and hour and half.I was so hungry,but I refused to eat what mom bought.I really didn’t wanted to loss my line.At 7 pm I enterd in the club and my direction was styraight to the venue.I’m glad I was in the 1st line!The opening band were good,but I didn’t gave so many fucks about them. X)
They had finished and they had a sound check again(it was short)  and after Samadhi started in the speakers.Coen came first in scene,he being followed by Mark,Yves and Isaac and then SIMONE!She started to sing…my angel sung.I was taken in a happy and peaceful place.
I have noticed the chemistry between Mark and Simone..it’s so intense…I love the fact that Simone is impulsive,that makes her so funny xD Thossseee hiippppsss And..she…she looked at me…for more than two times *.* Those eyes!
And Sisi  is way MUCH MORE beautiful hotter in real life than in any photo!
Tides Of Time was SO beautiful!I almost  cried like an idiot there.Hmm,I loved how for Consign To Oblivion they had addopted a kind of…disco version(?).Arie took care of this.They had started to jump and to dance,and we too XD
After CTO,they went out of venue and we start screaming ‘WE WANT MORE!’ after two minutes or less,Mark came and said ‘You want more?’ We ‘Yeaaah!’ He ‘You are loud and we like that’ and I started screaming even louder.(Another thing Mark did is the women-men thing.I guess some of you know about it.)Then he said again ‘Isaac can play some keyboards’ ;Isaac came at Coen’s keyboard and played a bit at the begining…hmm,funny (I guess) and after he started to play the intro of Sancta Terra and Coen came on the stage,playing Isaac’s guitar and Sancta Terra went on.Simone asked us if we can sing along with her Cry For The Moon ‘You need to know just two words:forever and…’ We screamed ‘EVER!’
I sung along with her not only during Cry For The Moon,during all the songs,with all my passion.I am/I was truly happy,the concert was MUCH MORE awesome than I thought,I recieved a high five from Mark as well.
How I said the chemistry between Mark and Simone is so intense…
I loved when Simone..hhmm,kind of starting to ‘beat’ Mark’s ass during The Obsessive Devotion I believe XD 
Oh,and when Simone turned back and started to shake her…ass.Ugh,and when she shaked her hipsssss….UUNNNFFF. I didn’t grabed anything when they have thrown towels,water bottles not even Arie’s stick,but I loved the show,I really enjoyed it and they seemed to like us all well ;)
At least Simone did.
And I couldn’t buy  more merch as well,but I’m glad I have two posters and a necklace <3 
My neck is hurting,I lost my voice and my limbs are sore,but this DESERVES everything.
ADDING:The intro of The Obsessive Devotion was hot(at least this is how I found it) Yves gave to Simone the ‘permission’ to play his guitar.First time,but the second time she left herself down and did that again.I was sitting there and UNNNFFFing at her xD
And as well,Simone said ‘thank you’ in Romanian and she pronounced COREECTLY.I was flatered then.But when she said ‘thank you for everything’ in Romanian CORRECTLY,I died. *0*

joi, 24 martie 2011


Epica will hit the road again. This time we are visiting: Hungaria, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, Turkey, Bulgaria, Austria and Germany! We look very much forward to this tour, see you all on the road!”

joi, 10 martie 2011

Screw homework.

I personally am sick of learning all the shit I don't want to learn and which will not help me with anything later.
Can I just skip school and start a band?Haha,wish I did,but I can't play any instruments xD

sâmbătă, 5 martie 2011

The King's Speech

Kay,astazi numai la filmul asta m-am uitat.E...e o capodopera xD Ma bucur ca au luat Oscarul.Aici s-au putut vedea talntele lui Colin Firth,Geoffrey Rush si Helena Bonham Carter.

Filmul asta MERITA vazut!

marți, 22 februarie 2011

Concertul Epica aproape sold-out(?)

Confrom spuselor celor de la ARTmania mai sunt disponibile doar 100 de bilete.Clubul e aproape over-capacity ,concertul asta creand isterie printre impatimitiilor -inclusive eu :)) -

~ le poster ~

miercuri, 16 februarie 2011

My eyes are tired of seeing the same shit everyday.

This post is a rant.

I'm really sick of this life I live,of this fucking everything!It pisses me so badly the ignorance and the fucked up society's standars.I'm sure I'll have a mental illness one day.

Photo taken from Tumblr.

vineri, 11 februarie 2011

Why do I have to bleed and pay for others' greed?

Today in the kitchen I was talking with my father about the recent shit that happend with 'the publican who were talking bribes'OK,considering the fact that this is just a fetish,we started to discus about the president of Romania and his prime-minister and the fact they have sold EVERY SINGLE FUCKING RESUORCE  Romania had.And we had a pretty big amount,considering that Romania has all forms of relief.We had two fleets,both sold.One of them was appreciated all over Europe.We had a large industry,agriculture and EVERYTHING was sold to foreign companies + the fact that prices/taxes are growing(or simply said exploding) and the salaries,pensions,allowances are getting low.How the holy fuck they are excepting us to pay the bills(which are also growing) and to remain money for our needs?!
Returning back at Romania's president,he said in an interview that his salary of 1.110 euros is too low as being a president and he doesn't accept to go at meetings with constums which are moth.K,when he was asked from which brands he buys his costumes he said two(I can not exactly remember what of them were) which the price of a costum is between 2.000 and 3.000 euros and above all he donates...and he says he doesn't has money.But the fleet where it is?WHERE THE FUCK IS THE FUCKING FLEET?!

We will eat eacother,we will kill eachother for a slice of bread and a bottle of water.


Note:Please excuse the speeling/grammar mistakes,but I'm so annoyed when I think about this.