miercuri, 8 septembrie 2010


I love to take photos,but this is just a hobby.My photos are not so good,I can say I'm an amateur+I use a sh.itty Samsung i450 for taking photos.
Here are some :)
A part of the block of flats whre I live:)


I was at country side,and walking on the street back "home" I saw this cloud "rising".It's uneditated :)

6 AM.Oh yes,the water that is on the road is practicaly rising from it :)).
And about 6 AM,I haven't waked up then,I was already waked up...one of my white nights :)

4 comentarii:

  1. ai talent <333
    cu putin noroc, pe viitor vei fii o mare fotografa..
    si daca voi actrita si cantareata, tu imi vei face poze =))))))))

  2. Multumesc mult Nathy si Andreea<33 >:D<
    Si Nathy...putin noroc si o camera mai buna ;) si sigur,cum sa nu iti fac pooze?:) :))

  3. sa nu uitam, ca te voi platii bine =)))
    dar poate ma vei taxa gratis :-" =)))
    doar nu vrei sa`mi scada banii? :">:))
    [glumeam] :))