miercuri, 8 septembrie 2010

Haha,let's talk about today xD

Well,I waked up at 10 am I think,and not so long after I goed with my mom and my little sister at shopping for schools(pens,notebooks and stuffs like this),I ate cake xD (my niece's birthday),and after that back home at my PC<3...Seraching on Google at "Images" for Simone Simons<3 I found one with Amanda Somerville..i like her :).Seraching trought YT for some Epica live shows I found a duet-Amanda&Simone- *-* Two metal godesses<3
But...I am kinda angry because I can't find Amanda's last album "Windows" on torrent <_< ...I hope I will find them on www.4shared.com ...I am asking myself,what happend when Amanda left the band?I think she wanted a solo career because I see that she is nice with Simone...I mean she was the Epica vocalist...
I'd ask Simone about this but I have to reasons why I don't do it:
1.I think she won't reply.
2.I feel a bit shy *blush*
I saw yesterday (or two days ago? i don't remmeber right now) in what countries will have the next tour Epica...and no Romania :(.Hungary it's close,very close,I hope I'll catch a ticket :( but at least,I'll have new live photos :D

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