vineri, 1 octombrie 2010


Everyone starts its life with nothing and with nothing we end it.In the end,we forgot and forgive everything ,because it doesn't matters is shit sometimes,but sometimes it can be field with never ending happiness...a true thing,what is beautiful is not lasting as we passes so fast and you don't even realize that you were happy.Life is like a puzzle,pieces will miss from it,being incomplete...Memories...oh,sweet painful memories that lasts in our hearts,untill the end...memories that we think we forgot...they are deep in our mind,deep in the darkness of your thoughts,hauting you,never leting you go...(some poetry I think) When the moon is rising and the night sky is clear you can see the real yourself,weak and lost...and when it rains,you can stop yourself from falling into the maddness,into the darkness...Silent tears,faked by the rain drops,will never be seen,never be can't use your mask too much,you will fall in the same light that has created you...and you'll dissapear...back to nonexistence.

I know it is weird...just like me xD

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