joi, 13 ianuarie 2011

The Obsessive Devotion

I'll start with the fact that I have an Epica ticket at their show in Romania.Here's the proof x)

I know I have like 'At WTF are you looking?' but the truth is I'm happy x)
Please ignore the clown in my bacj,it stays there for more than two years xD

I can't wait,me feeling so excited XD And I hope I'll get a backstage pass from Arien.I heard he's nice.
Now I have to wait.The fact is that I've sent him an e-mail when it was 7th january and they have the show here on 29th march(well,I've noticed that it's 7th january after sending it,I know I'm silly xD )

Aaaaannnddd I wanna present mah new desktop wallpaper *-*

I know it's not a new pic,but it simply kills me *-*

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